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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Wedding Shawl

Yesterday was both Dante's 16th birthday (Happy birthday to him) and my friends' wedding.  I met the groom while working at my last job and we became very close friends, even though we were complete opposites, lol.  Not only is he hilarious, but he was a hard worker, good at his job, very mature for his age, and he was much taller than me (always a plus!).  And we disliked the same people for the same reason, lol.  Oh, and he had great taste in women, which eventually led us to yesterday's events. 

I met his bride at a Halloween party.  I was sure that she would hate me for some reason but she loved me, and I loved her.  We ganged up on him about taking care of himself and treating each other with respect, lol.  She dubbed me his "work wife", and being LDS, I had a great time joking about her being my "sister wife".  She's a spit fire, can curse like a sailor, and still somehow comes across as a Lady (a skill which I'm a little envious of, lol).  For a time there, we would exchange holiday gifts; she made me jewelry and I would knit for her.  When I worked at the bank, I wore her jewelry every day. 

When I learned of their coming wedding five weeks ago, I put it into high gear looking for something to knit her.  I wanted to make something practical and easy, but I also wanted to show off a bit and give her something really amazing looking.  After going back and fourth with some trusted friends, I settled on Winter Thaw.  I loved this pattern and it wad really easy to knit.  Unfortunately either I didn't read the written pattern directions right, or there was a mistake because I finished the last row completely correct but I couldn't start the final chart because the stitches were off.  Other people managed to figure it out but I was on the clock so I left the last chart off (which is too bad because it really makes the shawl...but no one else knows that...wait...now you do). 

My husband really wanted to see her open it, and since it was the only gift (everyone else brought cards with cash inside) and since we were leaving to go home, she happily opened it.  My friend (the groom) was a little bummed out when I told him it was just for her, lol.  She loved it.  She even tried it on several different ways, even though it was over 90 degrees yesterday and humid as a swamp.  Just another reason why I love that girl.  I assured her that it wasn't as fragile as it looked, and that short of setting it on fire, there's nothing she can do to it that I can't fix, so she should feel free to use it.  He said it looked like it would fall apart if you touched it, but I assured him it was sturdy.  I love that it looks so delicate but it's strong enough for regular use.  And I love that she loved it.  And I love that they finally got married because I love them together :)

 P.S.  please excuse the lousy photos.  I almost didn't remember to take any at all, lol.