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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014, Day 1

I usually do a year-in-review before the end of the year but I didn't get around to it this year.  I haven't been able to tear myself away from my copy of Game of Thrones for a while now and it's sucking my will to live.  This book series is definitely one of the best and worst things to happen to me in 2013.

And speaking of '13, it was a really rocky year for the Washington's and we're all happy to be done with it.  We've been dealing with a lot of stress, anxiety and depression, back pain, chronic allergies for just about everyone (including the cat), difficulty at school, adjusting to our new seminary schedule, and new church responsibilities.  Although many of the things we experienced this year were good things (finding my father, taking the boys to California to meet him, being assigned to work with the Young Women, graduate school, Dante's first girlfriend, Alex's school moving into a new building with a playground, a promotion for Aaron), these experiences caused more than their fair share of stress and we just weren't equipped to deal with it.  We all went through a range of emotions that none of us expected and we're still trying to right the ship.

In the world of knitting and designing, I was much less productive than in years past.  This year I only released two designs: Gingerbread Armwarmers, and the Missionary Hat, although I did finally manage to revise the New Moon Vest chart and get that out into the world before the end of 2013.  I knit a few samples for several different designers this year but most of them are still secret and I can't post about them just yet.  My own knitting was geared toward children last year.  I did not complete one full sized adult sweater but I did knit several baby sweaters and two for Alex.  I also figured out the perfect recipe for a hat (click on the missionary hat link), and I knit approximately 13 of them.  I guess that made 2013 the year of baby knits and hats.

Grad school is steadily moving forward.  I'm trying to transfer to Salve Regina and I need to check in to see what my application is missing.  The letters of recommendation were the hardest part and it took months to chase them down.  Every time I start a new class at Kaplan I cringe because I know that only a portion will transfer over and I don't want to have to repeat more than necessary.  However I know that this transfer will be just the thing I need to get into an internship and a job after I graduate.  As a matter of fact, I applied for a job and got an interview simply because I wrote in my cover letter that I was in the middle of the transfer process to Salve, and this company works closely with them.  Saying I was trying to transfer was enough to get me an interview!  And that interview went well; they have checked my references and I hope to hear back in the next week or so.  I might be starting off the new year with a full time job in my field, which is both exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

And on that note, I'm going to go do some homework and leave you with a small year-in-review of my baby/child knitting from 2013.

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  1. It all looks great, but I especially love the sweater with the aqua and red together. a combo that I never expected to like, but find I am enchanted with!
    Happy New Year to you and your family. May it be your best year yet! :)