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Friday, January 24, 2014

This year so far

 This year (so far) I've embraced lots and lots of change and thankfully most of it has been good.  I'm all set to start work on the 10th and I will be provided an opportunity to work with several different groups of students so that I can get all of my experience hours in.  I'm feeling pretty good about it, but trying to get used to the fact that i won't have near as much time to knit, lol. 

I have also been blessed to have two of my cousins (on my dad's side) reach out and contact me via Facebook.  It's amazing how much one of my cousins and I look a like!  The family resemblance is striking.  We have been chatting today, trying to break the ice and get to know each other, and I look forward to doing more of that.

Dante tells me that his bus issues have largely resolved themselves and he is no longer required to sit in the front.  I think the meeting we had with the school, the bus company rep and the driver, and the rep from the school district did the trick.  I also think Dante knows now that we will back him up when he is being treated unfairly, but that he still needs to show respect for his elders and that we will be limited in what we can do if he gives in to teenage impulses.  I'm glad that things are finally settling down on that front.

Alex is starting to do pretty good in school again.  It was a really rough go there but he's had several good days in a row and has started getting his work done in class again.  I'm really proud of the efforts he's making and I'm glad to see that his teacher is really trying to work with him to accommodate his needs.  I know we got off on the wrong foot with her but I can see that she truly is trying, and he likes her so she can't be a mean woman or he wouldn't hug her every day.  SMD is a tough thing to get a handle on and most teachers haven't experienced it (or at least didn't know they were) so it takes some time for things to come together.  The fact that this is starting to settle down shows me that 1) his teacher is starting to understand his needs, or at least how to meet some of them, and 2) my intervention is working.  One way of testing an intervention is to start it, then stop, then start again.  If the behavior improves, then gets worse, then improves again, you can say that the intervention worked.  I didn't want to have to go through this with Alex, but I think I can safely prove now that my suggested accommodations work for him.

Meanwhile, I've been baking bread like it was my job, and I'm loving it.  I switched yeast brands after talking to a friend and I've had success after success.  We finished all the store-bought bread last week and I baked a new loaf last night.  I sent Alex to school with a sandwich made from home made bread; we'll see if he actually ate it, lol. 

I've got some sour dough starter in the fridge and a batch proofing on the counter as I type this.  The first batch turned out pretty good but it got too dark on the outside and I don't think it was fully cooked through to the center.  I'm gonna try again tomorrow :)

And finally, I came up with a list of ideas to use to help raise some money for the YW Camp this year.  I'm pretty excited about a few of them and I hope we can try them out.  I also had a long-time blog friend come through for me with fabric for a YW activity; thank you very much Cathy!!  Our budget is laughable, so this will help us out immensely :)

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