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Monday, April 14, 2014

My yarn crawl haul

Oh people.  You have no idea what I did at the yarn crawl this year, lol.  I've had a gray sweater on the brain ever since Kim knit one out of some amazing yarn that I can't even remember, but I've been obsessing over it ever since.  I've purchased so many gray shirts and t's, and really it would have been less expensive to finally give in and just buy the yarn already.  So I did.

I found six skeins of Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted in silver at Love to Knit, and I slapped my plastic down for it faster than you could blink.  My only regret is that I didn't buy a seventh, because there were just so many beautiful patterns in my que that 1200 yds would cover, but I've got super-long arms and the sleeves won't fit without that extra length.  I should have known better.  That being said, I did decide that I could either knit a super simple top-down cardigan (which I've done before and it fit), or I could knit Rocky Coast.  I should have enough yardage to cover the long sleeves.  Or I could knit this.  I would need a few skeins of another color for the stripes but that's not a problem, and there were some really stunning versions done in gray. 

I also picked up lots of cool stuff from the Play At Life booth, which is where I usually do all of my damage during the crawl, lol.  I got three of her gradient kits and another maki to make summer armwarmers.  At work I use them for scratch guards.  And I got two skeins of sport weight self-striping sock yarn from Quaere in 10-Stripe Rainbow.  I. Can't. Wait.

That being said, good friends just had a baby today and I was caught unaware.  I really forgot how far along the pregnancy was, so now I'm really happy (and justified) that I bought that bunny kit on the crawl as well, lol. 

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