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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Not even making a dent

So true to my word, I went right to work on a pair of gloves for Aaron's friend.  I didn't love them at first, but they're growing on me.  See, I had this dream that the guy would choose an actual 'color' and wouldn't go with "black and gray pattern".  I envisioned a beautiful tan and brown, or some other lovely English tweed combo but no.  Standard, boring, eye-bluring black and gray. 

Once I got over my objection to the color, I decided that I was going to do some stranding and I was going to knit a hounds-tooth pattern.  I scoured my library to find a book that had the pattern in it and finally found it after flipping through about 8 different books.  Initially, I didn't love how it was coming out but it got better as I went along.  I just got to the part where I separate for the fingers, and I've decided not to knit that in the hounds-tooth pattern.  Instead I'm going to knit with gray and use a slip-stitch pattern to add density and warmth.  It should be easier that way.

I'm also working on Aaron's new sweater and making decent progress.  The back is finished and I'm working on the left front.  This one travels better and is easier to knit when I'm steeped in a brain fog.  I'm looking forward to finishing it up.

In other news, I will finally go to see an orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday and I hope to have some idea of what we'll be doing about my knee when I leave there.  Today one of the children was wandering around Sacrament meeting, and we (as a branch) have taken to having the Primary leaders redirect those children back to sit with their families because it really increases reverence.  One of these children was wandering today, and after others tried to suggest to her that she needed to go sit back down with her family, I got up and escorted her over there.  She moved to pull her hand out of my hand, and that little movement caused my knee to erupt in pain, so I can definitely tell that I'm not ready to go back to work and I desperately want to go back to work.  What ever needs to be done to make that happen is what I'm going to do.  And worst-case scenario, if it requires surgery, it's a valid reason to sit and knit socks all day.  After all, I've got the yarn.

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