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Monday, February 9, 2015

Ladies and gentleman...we have more snow

Cause if there's one thing that we really needed around here, its more snow.  At least I didn't have to leave the warmth of my apartment today.  I stayed home and have thus far spent my snow day equally between doing my final project and fooling around.  I've logged lots of hours on Ravelry and have made all of my visiting teaching phone calls, and it's only 4 o'clock.  But never fear.  I'll get that final project finished by tomorrow night and then I'll be ready to scrub my apartment in preparation for surgery.  I'm ready to go.  I've put all the things in order (as best I could) for the Primary to run while I'm out, and I had a blessing.  Funny how the topic of delegating responsibilities and asking for help when I need it keep coming up in my blessings lately.  And here I thought I'd gotten better at doing that :)

In other news, I finally finished the gloves for my husband's friend and he's really happy with them.  At the end of the day, I'm happy with them too.  I just don't like knitting fingers so I hated them while I was making them.  Now I hardly know what to do with myself since the constant nagging at the back of my mind to finish these is gone.  Maybe I can focus on getting my cousin's mittens in the mail, or knitting Dante's long overdue sweater.  One never knows which way the wind will blow.

I have managed to get quite a lot of work done on Aaron's Slade.  I finished the first of the sleeves last night and started the second before heading off to bed.  I think I can get the other finished and the body blocked out before I have surgery.  If not, the finishing and the button band/collar will have to wait.  And we all know that it's not exactly like I don't have other sweaters in various states of completion to work on while I'm waiting to be able to block this current work-in-progress.  At last count, I had 5 sweaters in progress.  FIVE.  Maybe I can get one done.  Or maybe I'll be too foggy with all the painkillers to get much of anything done.  If I post a finished sweater to Ravelry with three sleeves, you'll all know why.

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