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Monday, March 16, 2015

Post-surgery update

So about a month has passed since my surgery and I'm doing pretty well considering.  I'm off crutches and I only have to wear the brace when I sleep.  I'm much more mobile and physical therapy is going pretty well.  What's not going well is sleep.  I'm alternating between nights where I sleep and nights were I don't.  Thank goodness for Friends on Netflix! 

School has started up again and I'm struggling with class; not because it's difficult, but because I have a very hard time sustaining the mental energy required to finish the readings in time.  I thought it would be less of a problem now that I'm off almost all of the heavy meds (and only taking the last one I have left at night), but I'm still struggling.  I can't spend too much time at the computer before I have to go put my leg up on the couch, and my back is killing me because I'm out of alignment but I can't go see the chiropractor just yet.  Thankfully I'm out of work for at least another week and then we'll see if I'm ready to go back in for light duty.

It's strange.  Things are going better than I expected, and yet it's still taking longer than I thought.  I can do stuff, but only for so long before I'm exhausted.  I still need to take a nap most days.  And surprisingly, I'm getting bored with my knitting.  There's lots of stuff I want to make, but I don't have the energy to follow the pattern so I'm filling this time with Hexipuffs and this pair of socks for my old physical therapist...because I miss him.  He never tried to kill me during therapy like this new one does. 

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