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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It is official!

Today my grades were finally put up and I passed the revision of my paper, which means that I passed my comprehensive exam, which means that I've earned my master's degree in psychology!!  I get to put letters after my name.  What's the abbreviation for masters of science in psychology?  What ever that is, it goes after my name. 

This feels so unreal.  I never in a million years thought I could earn a master's degree.  It was that thing that some of my friends had; the ones with more discipline than I.  I took 16 years to earn my bachelor's degree after all.  And now I've accomplished this major milestone, which I was inspired to pursue through much prayer and some fasting.  I've already started to put it to use (serving as the Primary president for the last year), and it's already helped out at home, so it's already paying off.  Now I have an opportunity to interview for a job in a school district doing something similar to what I already so, but with children who aren't as far along on the Autism spectrum as those I work with now, (lowering the likelihood that I'll tear another ACL. lol), and offering higher pay and summers off.  It's what I've always wanted.

I celebrated this moment by getting my air conditioner fixed (it's been in the 90's with ridiculously high humidity), and by reading and knitting.  This little beauty above is one of the Zomari Dyelab yarns in the Tesla base, in the Celestia colorway.  I mentioned it in the last post, but I'm so excited with it that I had to mention it again.  I reached the lace section in only two day!  Unfortunately its not a good travel project anymore so I'm back to my old sock-in-progress, but I'm working happily on it at night.  And in case you weren't sure about the inspiration for the colorway, this is Celestia.  As you can see, Erin nailed it.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations Cam! You did it!
    So proud of you!
    Daisy :)