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Monday, July 27, 2015

it's fudge time

just tilt your head to the right
Some days just require fudge.  And I'm allergic to milk so these are pretty tough days for me.  I usually have to weigh the need against anything I may have going on around that time to see if the disruption to my health will impact anything important.  I know this sounds really stupid, but sometimes cheese, and ice cream, and chocolate are warranted, and necessary.  Thankfully I've found many fabulous recipes on Pinterist for vegan deserts (not all of them were hits, but many of them where).  Tonight I decided to try making vegan fudge.  If the texture turns out fudge-like, then it's going to be amazing because the taste is perfect.  And it's three simple ingredients: cocoa, coconut oil, and maple syrup.  Can't go wrong.  I mean, even if it doesn't set up, I can always make my gluten free vegan brownies and use the mixture for iceing.

Now, I did finish the Promise Me shawl but I haven't gotten around to blocking it yet.  I never remember to do it until the afternoon and I know it won't be dry by the time I need to go to bed, and I don't want to pin it to the mat on my floor because I exercise there now, so it's just sitting in my old knitting bag looking sad.  I went with the smallest size because the pattern said it took 430 yds to knit the sample, and I had just about that much, but I had a decent amount of yarn left over.  I probably could have knit the next size up.  I took the opportunity to knit 2 hexipuffs from the Celestia yarn, and then I'll return the left overs to Erin. 

In other news, I finished my Pop blanket and managed to figure out the layout of dots.  Again, I haven't blocked it yet but I'll get to it.  I think Eddie is going to inherit this blanket.  It's too small to do anything with, and the yarns aren't washable so I can't gift it to a new mom (I'd never do that to a new mom, lol), and Eddie's old blanket wore out.  He definitely used it.  I think he's due :)

For those wondering about the interview, it went well enough to grant me a second interview.  I'm hounding everyone I know for letters of recommendation (which are required), and printing out transcripts from school, and trying to arrange a good time.  I've put this all into the Lords hands.  If it's right for me and my family, it will happen.  If it's not, something better for me will come along. 

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the link Cam!! I'm running to Tom's after work for cocoa powder!!
    Denise :)