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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The best part of summer

If you look really, really closely at that yellow blob, you'll see Alex riding the carousel.  This is a classic Looff carousel that's over a hundred years old and is still running.  It's magical and we've been coming here since Alex was just big enough to get on one of the horses.  I just love to sit on the bench and people watch.  The families are happy.  The look of pure joy on the children's faces is intoxicating.  I just love being there.

Yesterday, one of the teens working at the carousel taught Alex how to grab the rings, and gave him a free ride while he was practicing.  Then he introduced himself to me as we left, and gave Alex a high five.  That young man needs a raise!

Today, Dante gave a talk at church and did a pretty good job considering the fact that he forgot all about it until this morning, lol.  I asked him to try being more prepared and less "on the fly".  Sharing time was nice, and I filled in for one of the primary classes that still is in need of a regular teacher.  There was a small group and we had a really nice discussion.  I usually dread the summers at church because most of our membership is comprised of college students who disperse to the four corners of the Earth, so it's hard to find enough people to cover all the classes.  However, this year it just feels different.  I'm enjoying the smaller class sizes and the slower pace of it all.  Maybe that's because I don't have as much on my plate right now?

Speaking of which, I've been lurking on Ravelry pretty hard, queing all the things.  I wish I could knit faster.  I want to knit every sweater and shawl I see right now, and most of the socks.  I mean, I certainly have time, lol.  I'm still reading Whales on Stilts with Alex and it's so funny that I'm a little sad about approaching the end of the book.  We're going to have to look for more books by this author.  Now, off to knit socks.  I'm almost finished with the 2nd of three patterns for the Scarefest, and I need to ride this wave of productivity while it lasts.

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