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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Pop blanket is completed!

I took advantage of a cool(er) day this past week and put the Pop blanket together.  I'd been thinking about putting it in rainbow order but my friend Heather and her sister (via text message) voted for the random pattern, and at the end of the day, that's what drew me to this project in the first place, so I went for it.  I had no plans for it and I just can't bring myself to give a hand-wash wool blanket to a new mom, so I gave it to Eddie.  (I may have mentioned this before).  Anyway, Eddie is not impressed, lol. He won't go near it.  I think I have him too well trained to stay off my hand knits.  I keep covering him with it or laying it in the places where he likes to sleep, and he keeps stepping around it.  Although today, I did see him laying on the very edge of it so that's progress.  When it gets colder, I'll throw it into his cat bed.

In sock news, I finished my gummy bear socks and immediately cast on for the Tea Cup socks.  This photo is lousy so it doesn't show off the true colors of the yarn at all.  My fault for taking a photo of red socks on red pants, lol.  It's interesting because I was really looking forward to knitting this colorway but now that I'm into it, I actually like the other one better than this one.  Either way, I'll have socks.  This summer feels like the summer of socks, and I have more than my fair share of sock yarn, so I'm just going with the flow.  Maybe I'll make a dent in my stash by the time my latest yarn diet lets up.  Heather and I decided that we needed to reign it in again so the yarn diet is back on (with a small break allowed in October) until next April.  I really need to knit up the yarn I have in the apartment, and I have to admit that it feels good to do that.  Who knew it would feel so gratifying to actually turn the yarn into that thing I originally bought it for.

In other knitting news, I did pick Dante's Timberline sweater again and it's moving along more smoothly than before.  I did make two changes that seem to be helping.  First, I finished graduate school so my brain isn't fried.  Second, I changed to a cable needle from Toolry (which was created by Naomi Herzfeld, co-owner of Bella Yarns).  It has a unique shape that makes it easy to get the stitches on and off the needle, and as an added bonus, the needle is magnetic.  That means that I can stick it right to my chart keeper, or hang it from the magnetic pendant prototype she gave me.  That has greatly increased the speed with which I can work the many, many cables in this pattern.  I don't like to use cable needles, but this one has been a life saver and I'd definitely give it my stamp of approval.

And finally, in ridiculous news, I saw a new item on the supermarket shelves..."Pot Ready" pasta, which is actually pre-snapped pasta for those of you who break your pasta before putting it into the pot.  How busy/lazy have we become as New Englanders that we have to have our pasta broken for us!  Does that step really add that much extra time to the cooking experience?  And to top that off, we ran into Colonel Sanders at the market too.  Here's proof.

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