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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cam's Amazing Technicolor Dream Pants

 Folks, I've had it in my head for a while to knit a pair of pants.  I know it seems crazy, but the pattern and the associated project pages looked super cute and I get cold.  Recently I decided to bite the bullet.  I had just finished knitting a fingering-weight pullover (yep.  fingering.) that took about two years to finish and figured I should cast on another epic project.  Besides, I had a crap-ton of scraps left over from the fifty-eleven projects I've knit with Cascade 220.  So, I cast on.

The pattern provides an option for a draw string and I had one left over from a pair of flannel pants my mother sewed for me 14 years ago, so I went with that option.  When I first started, I thought I'd use my copious amounts of Noro Kureyon but the color just looked muddy and I wanted something more stripey.  That's when I ripped out all the work I'd done and decided to start over with my Cascade scraps.  Most of the yarns are 220 in either superwash or hand wash, but there are the odd amounts of other worsted weight yarns in there too. 

I alternated the colors with stripes of black (left over from a sweater I knit for Aaron), and knit the pants in as close to rainbow order as I could get.  One of the pale pinks, and the last two greens didn't make it in because I ran out of leg, lol.  I knit the legs with a 34" inseam, and I still couldn't get all the colors in there, but I did manage to finish the cuffs with a little green. 

I'm surprised at how quickly I knit these!  Especially given that when I started over, I worked the butt shaping on the wrong side and had to rip back again.  But once I got past that, the rest went really really fast.  It was probably the drive to get to the next color and see how it would look next to the old one that kept me motivated. 

Overall, this pattern is really simple and takes into account the need for some extra room in the bum.  It's worked from the top-down so you can knit the legs as long as you want.  The legs have subtle shaping through the thigh, and then again at mid-calf which gives them a nice feminine feel, and makes them sit nicely over a pair of sneakers.  If I were to knit them again, the only thing I'd change is to work some extra rows before starting the legs (as the pattern suggested I could) to make the rise a little higher.  The only reason I didn't on this pair was that I'm short-waisted and I thought they would fit high enough as written (and they do) but I'd like them to be an inch higher. 

These pants were a lot of fun to knit and they're amazing to wear.  Warm, comfortable, long enough, and shaped like a girl; something I can't ever find in a pair of pants.  My only regret came when it was time to do the finishing and I had all of these tails to weave in, lol.  So much finishing!!  Other than that, I'd definitely consider making another pair.