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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Teacup socks and beet pesto

The other day I finished the first of my Teacup socks.  My friend Heather texted a photo to me of a sock she knit with a nice ribbed pattern and I decided that I needed to knit that too (this is a regular occurrence, lol).  So I knit my first sock using Glenna C's A Nice Ribbed Sock pattern (it's free), and used my favorite afterthought heel because it works so nicely with self-striping yarns.  I also knit it toe-up so it went pretty fast because I was only ribbing on the one side for the majority of the time.  The photo here is more accurate than the last one, and you can see the subtle shift in light blues that looked like white in the last photo.

Meanwhile, I finished the first Timberline sleeve and started the second.  It's definitely going faster since I started using the Toolry cable needle.  Being on vacation this week didn't hurt either.  My only issue is trying to resist the desperate urge to cast on for this.  It's a Thea Coleman pattern and I love her work so much.  I haven't knit one, but I've bought several of the patterns, and the yarn to knit the sweaters with.  I'm honestly not sure why I haven't actually knit one up yet.  I need to rectify that situation this year.

In other news, I finally cracked out my veggie noodle maker and cooked up some "zoodles" out of zucchini.  I told Alex that they were just green noodles, and he ate them without giving me a hard time.  Then yesterday I gave in to the compulsion to buy a bunch of fresh beets, and I made beet pesto (found the recipe on Pinterest).  It's not bad, and the color is fantastic!  We had "pink pasta" made with the beet pesto over whole wheat penne, and Alex had seconds.  The other guys in the house know what's in it, and Alex just thought that I used juice from the beets to make the pasta pink, so I was able to get him to eat a new vegetable without giving me a hard time. 

I also decided to go through my folders on the computer today to clear out some of the old junk.  I ran into an issue earlier in the week where my computer couldn't convert a newer Word file because there wasn't enough memory left on the computer.  So I opened up all my folders and found a bunch of old stuff I didn't really need anymore.  I was also surprised to see how many patterns I had designed, which never saw the light of day because I stalled out somewhere along in the process.  Now that I'm done with school, I'm going to take another look at them and see if I can't get some of these out into the world.