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Monday, September 7, 2015

Week one

It's been an interesting week, having started my new job.  The drive is longer than I expected because of the three exits which almost always create traffic.  However, the town of Canton is beautiful and I just love being in the elementary school.  These children are hilarious.  There's not much difference yet between the children with developmental disorders and their "typical" peers, and they all get along pretty well and are willing to play with each other.  However, I'm going to have to get used to the amount of tattling, and manipulation that goes on at this age.  The typical children will engage the children who are "on the spectrum" in a game of tag or get handsy with them, and then turn around and tattle when that child accidentally hurts them, neglecting to mention how they started it all and were happily playing with that child one second ago.  Knowing this, I spend a lot of time explaining to typical children that they need to tell the other children when they don't want to play anymore, or if something hurts so the other child can have an opportunity to adjust on their own.  Children at this age have absolutely no concept of cause and effect, so I'll be doing a lot of training on the playground.

In knitting, I finally wound my Rainboom sock yarn from Zomari Dyelabs and I'm loving it.  It looks like a rainbow/black sock in this photo but it's really more of a gun metal gray.  The distribution of the rainbow colors is really pleasing and I love the yarn base.  I'm looking forward to wearing this pair.  I'm also knitting steadily on my Dark and Stormy, as it's now my designated Rhinebeck sweater.  I haven't been to Rhinebeck in years and my friends and I are going this year so I need a new sweater.  Plus, this sweater will be perfect for me to wear at school. 

This new job has generated at least one unexpected expense.  I had to go buy a new wardrobe.  My last job required me to wear workout gear and I finally got myself all outfitted for it this summer, only to change jobs and wind up with no appropriate clothing for my new job.  Technically, jeans are allowed but it's pretty hot in my classroom so I needed something other than jeans and tees.  I ended up hitting Old Navy's Labor day sale and getting several pairs of cropped pants and a variety of light weight blouses and knit shirts that should do the trick.  I'm also adjusting to being able to wear a watch, and jewelry, and being able to have my hair down.  This is a while new world in which I'm allowed to dress like a girl.