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Friday, April 29, 2016

I made the call, and I was pretty pissed off when I did

This morning I got on the scale and saw that I lost 6lbs this week.  I know there's a lot of factors at play here, but I've been working out no more frequently than I was last month and I haven't changed my diet much other than trying to eat a smaller desert at night, so I'm feeling like Daily Burn might be worth the reasonable monthly fee.  In addition to the ease of working out from home (which I really don't prefer over the gym but it fits my schedule better right now), I'm working hard enough to really feel the difference (mostly in soreness two days later, if I'm being honest).  Also I was feeling really depressed and defeated after the latest news from Alex's school, but after working out I felt strong and capable again.  This is good for my mental health.  I'm thinking about canceling my gym membership and working out at home on a regular basis.

Today I called the superintendent's office and gave them a very angry piece of my mind.  I didn't yell, but I wasn't nice and I let them know how angry I was that Alex is still being bullied by the kids who bullied him before, and how little the school does to protect him.  I let her know about all of the times he tried to tell the teacher or principal and how they either ignored him or punished him for 'lying'.  I told her how Alex is now suffering depression, and how we're prepared to take this to the next level if things aren't addressed.  I told her how I don't want him at Oldham next year.  She told me the principal told her about the "muffin" comments and what she planned to do about it.  I asked her if she (the principal) told her (the superintendent) about how Alex tried to report this to her and how she ignored him and sent him back to his seat because she "was going to lunch".  I asked if she'd been told about the latest incident (she hadn't).  I told her that I called the school about it two days ago and haven't heard anything back.  The superintendent asked if I'd be willing to have a meeting to try to resolve this.  I told her that I have concerns about repercussions against Alex after a meeting, but if this was her suggestion, I'd try it as long as there was a chance that things would improve for him.  I'm not going to hold my breath.  I AM going to attend this meeting with my documentation of all the ways in which he has been humiliated or mistreated or left unprotected at school, and I'm not going to be very flexible. 

In knitting news (because I still do that), I've made it to section 4 of my On The Spice Market shawl.  I've almost knit through the entire skein (for both colors) and might have to wind up the second (for both colors).  I'm still enjoying this knit.  It's going to be amazing when it's finished.

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