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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sister Hobbs visited today!

Don't you hate it when you spend 30-45 minutes putting on makeup and contouring your face only to see someone you haven't seen in forever, and you smile so much that the contouring is ruined?  My face is SO round here, lol.  At least my eyebrows looked good.

This is a former Sister Missionary (Sissionary) by the name of Pricilla Hobbs, that served in the Providence 2nd Branch months and months ago.  She was an excellent Sissionary and a beautiful person, and I miss her to death.  She's in college now at BYU and is on their ballroom dance team.  I'm happy that I get to follow her adventures on Facebook.  You should see her in action!  She's gonna be famous one day :)  Anyway, she popped into church today and surprised us all.  I haven't hugged someone and cried like this in a long time.  Thank goodness my mascara is waterproof (I wasn't sure until today).  We got to sit together during Sunday school and visit a little bit, and hopefully she'll be able to stop by later today before she goes back home.

I'm also making excellent progress on the shawl.  Yesterday's photo was from a while ago and I decided that you deserved an updated photo for sticking with this blog, lol.  I'm into the orange now and excited to see how the red looks.  I'll definitely be cracking into the second ball (pictured here) before the shall is through.  This is more fun than I expected to knit.  I usually hate to knit garter stitch shawls, although I love how they look.  Not so with this one.  There's enough going on with each row to keep me going.  I'm really looking forward to wearing the finished piece.

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