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Saturday, January 9, 2016

On the road to recovery

Yesterday I got to finally get the stitches out.  It looks way worse that it is, unless it looks extremely itchy and like the stitches get caught on the inside of the band-aid and pull and hurt.  If it looks like that, then it's exactly as bad as it looks, lol.  I am very happy to say that they came out quickly and easily, and I haven't had to take any pain meds since then. 
The stitches are out in this photo, but it's still a bit red here.  Today it's not red at all and I'm happily typing away, and knitting, and putting my own bra on.  I can even tie my own drawstrings!

In other news, I've had lots of ideas bouncing around in my brain so I have hope that this will be a busy design year.  I'm working on a new sample for my Winter White mittens, which is an old design, one of two that I actually submitted to an now closed web magazine.  It was accepted but they allowed me to take it back once they realized that they were going to close shop.  The other design was the Gingerbread Armwarmers that I published with Knit Picks (also available on Ravelry). 
I had no idea how much time had gone by since I designed Winter White until I looked at the date on the bottom of the PDF.  I originally intended to publish this baby in 2013.  Looks like I got a little busy with gradschool and forgot all about it.  I've been wearing the sample for two years so I'm in the middle of knitting new ones for photography.  But if you want a peek at what they look like after two years of constantly living in the pockets of my winter coat, touching all manner of things (including my make-up covered face, and being worn over handwarmers, I'm happy to oblige.